People, planet & profit

Kébol is committed to sustainable growth

People, Planet & Profit

Innovation and ambition do not only evolve around commercial success at Kébol. Our strategy and operations are based on economic, ecological and social goals; the principle of people, planet and profit.

Sustainable production in Brazil: the “people-factor”

Brasbonitas® amaryllis bulbs are grown in Brazil in cooperation with the company Terra Viva. Just like Kébol this is a family owned business which cares about the well-being of its employees and their families.

We believe that matters like good working conditions, balance between working and private life and personal development are equally important as growing quality products. Together with the owners of Terra Viva we pay attention to things like relaxation during working hours, housing and activities in the field of education, sport and games. Each year we invest a considerable amount to fullfil the social aspect of sustainability.


Products from our sustainable production in Brazil are MPS-certified. This quality mark represents careful decisions on using natural resources, fertilizers and herbicides. The MPS-logo proves that our products have been grown with respect for people and the environment. MPS-certificates are issued by the MPS-foundation MPS (Milieu Programma Sierteelt).

Environmental Friendly Crate (EFC)

When it comes to logistics Kébol actively seeks sustainable solutions. The re-usable folding crate developed by Kébol and a leading crate supplier is a good example of this approach. When folded the EFC takes up considerably less space than a traditional crate. This solution means important savings on freight charges and reduces emission of exhaust fumes.