Production in Brazil

Natural environment for first class products

Kébol's growing facilities in Brazil

An important part of our amaryllis cultivars and our products for potted plant production is harvested at our own growing facilities in the north and south of Brazil. These regions offer the best climate and soil conditions for the production of various kinds of bulb products.  

MPS-certified and direct purchase from the grower

By applying modern cultivation techniques we guarantee beautiful and healthy bulb products with excellent disease resistance. You are buying quality products directly from the grower. Our products from Brazil carry a label with the MPS-logo. This proofs these bulbs have been grown with respect for people and the environment. Thanks to modern port facilities seaborne cargo is taken care of without any problem.

Home & Garden: Amaryllis bulbs with longer shelf life

Amaryllis bulbs for Home & Garden dry-sale are produced on the northern coast of Brazil by Ceará Bulb Company. Due to constant high temperatures, soil composition and the limited amount of rain this region offers perfect conditions for producing quality bulbs with a long shelf life. This quality makes them pre-eminently suitable for the Home & Garden-segment.

Amaryllis bulbs from Brazil for Home & Garden dry-sale are marketed under the brand name Tropical Amaryllis. We ship these products in bulk to the Netherlands or directly to any destination in the United States.   

Pot plant production: Amaryllis, tubers and rhizomes

Bulb products for potted plant production are grown by Kébol on one location in Brazil. These production facilities are owned by Kébol which gives us maximum control over quality and supply.We are working closely together with these local companies to ensure first class planting material.

Brasbonitas® Amaryllis

 The company Terra Viva is responsible for the production of Brasbonitas®  amaryllis bulbs in the south of Brazil. This region is characterized by 4 seasons with warmer and colder intervals. Amaryllis bulbs which are grown in this region are therefore very suitable for potted plant production.

With the right preparation Brasbonitas® Amaryllis bulbs will show a quick and constant blooming process. Thanks to early harvesting you will be able to market these quality products already in early autumn. Browse our Amaryllis assortment for potted plant production.    

Canna and Curcuma

Tubers and rhizomes originate from our own nurseries at Ceará Bulb Company in the north of Brazil. We offer wide expertise in every aspect of growing and marketing these remarkable products.

Assortment Curcuma

In the north and south of Brazil we have our own growing facilities

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