Quality assurance

Leaving nothing to chance

  In order to ensure first class products Kébol works closely together with a group of renowned (international) growers. All products are shipped directly to Rijsenhout. On our premises we have created the right conditions to process and store all kinds of bulbs and plants.

Quality assurance in practice

Our quality managers inspect and judge bulb products on quality and size. They pay special attention to possible diseases and abnormalities. Once stored we check the condition of our bulbs on a regular basis. Before shipment  final inspections are carried out by ourselves and the Bloembollen Keuringsdienst (BKD).

In order to judge the quality of shipped bulbs and final products we plant a sample from each lot in our own nursery. Growing processes of these bulbs are closely monitored until their selling phase. 

Trouble-free phytosanitairy inspections

Inspections done by Kébol are an important guarantee for quality. Furthermore our policy ensures that third-party inspections for phytosanitary document pose no problems. Bulb products of deviant quality have already been traced and removed from your shipment.


By applying modern cultivation techniques we ensure beautiful and healthy products with excellent resistance to diseases. In addition our products are MPS-certified. You are buying quality products directly from the grower.

Customer Service

International forwarding of flower bulbs may be complicated. Phytosanitary documents and mandatory inspections are important aspects. Our customer service department has the right expertise to professionally accomplish these formalities on your behalf.

Our staff aim at keeping lead times as short as possible. Do you have any questions? Please contact us by phone or e-mail for further information.