Amaryllis innovations ask for investment in research & development

Development of new Amaryllis varieties

Being an amaryllis specialist Kébol spends a lot of time and effort on developing new cultivars. This is a long-lasting process which takes up not less than 10 years. This period includes a testing phase of 2 years in which we closely monitor things like growing characteristics and disease resistance. A new amaryllis variety will only be introduced when it meets our own strict requirements.

Working together for successful product innovation

When it comes to the process of innovation quality is key at Kébol. This is shown by careful planning and cooperation with other experts in our field. Kébol participates in a number of joint ventures with renowned Dutch amaryllis growers: Amaryl Group and Amaryllis Breeding Company.

Partnership within the Amaryl Group resulted among other things in a successful introduction of the Ferrari variety.



Successful amaryllis innovations are based on partnership with other experts in our field

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