Brasbonitas® Gladiolus

Colourful comeback of the gladiolus

Do you want to take advantage of the immense popularity of gladiolus? Teaming up with Kébol will give you a headstart. We work closely together with professional growers of gladiolus. The knowledge we share helps us in producing planting material that meets your strict requirements. There is even more added value in our focus on controlling the supply chain. Based on this approach we offer wide experience in every aspect of growing and marketing gladiolus bulbs.

Production in its natural environment

Under the brand name Brasbonitas® Kébol grows and markets gladiolus tubers for cut flower production. Brasbonitas® gladiolus tubers originate from Brazil. We have our own production facilities in this country. Growing gladiolus tubers in their natural environment ensures first class products.

Remarkable quality

The entire process from planting to harvesting is closely monitored. Based on our knowledge of cultivation techniques and modern equipment we guarantee healthy and strong tubers which are resistant to diseases. Gladiolus flowers which are grown from Brasbonitas® tubers stand out because of their sturdy stems and large spikes with large numbers of flowers. This makes Brasbonitas® gladiolus real eye catchers in any piece of flower decoration.

Kébol offers professional growers a varied range of cultivars. A number of varieties can be grown in a greenhouse during winter season. The Brasbonitas® brand name is a byword for quality.  This is why every netlon contains a clearly visible Brasbonitas® quality label. Brasbonitas® tubers are MPS certified.

Quality Control

Once harvested Brasbonitas® tubers are shipped to the Netherlands and stored under the right climatic conditions. During storage time we perform thorough quality checks on a regular basis.

Would you like to know more?

Do you have questions about our gladiolus for cut flower production or Home & Garden dry-sale? Please contact us for further information.

Are you looking for other products?

Besides gladiolus we offer a number of other attractive bulbs and tubers for professional cut flower production including lilies, Polianthes tuberosas and zantedeschias. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

The MPS     certificate, a proof of quality

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