Retail concepts             

Wide choice of bulb assortments and packaging concepts

Requirements for product selection and packaging in dry-sale are different for each target group. This is why Kébol offers a wide choice of options. It allows our customers to take full advantage of sales opportunities in their local markets. Worldwide Kébol serves customers in dry-sale within retail, wholesale and institutional markets.   

Comprehensive retail concepts

At Kébol we closely monitor trends in living, lifestyle and packaging design. They are the starting point for developing new and attractive retail concepts. In our design we incorporate the latest marketing communication tools. Through QR-codes for example we offer simple but useful tips and planting instructions to consumers.

Retail packaging

Especially for retail and mail-order business Kébol developed a complete program of dry-sale bulbs and packaging lines. Options vary from budget assortments for supermarkets to broader ranges for garden centres. Each season we carefully evaluate the composition of our assortments and publish a new and easy-reference product catalogue. Browse our assortments.

Amaryllis Experience 

Over the years amaryllis bulbs have become our major specialty. This product group stands for attractive sales opportunities. Under the brand name Amaryllis Experience we offer stylish packaging and presentation material for retail sale. The various designs are based on current lifestyle trends. Amaryllis Experience ensures an enticing product presentation and stimulates impulse-buying.