Long and sturdy stems with extravagant flowers

Curcuma: colourful opportunities

The growing demand for decorative plants (inhouse, garden and landscaping) makes colourful Curcuma cultivars more attractive than ever. Kébol offers you a range of unique varieties. Rely on Kébol for expert knowledge, support and important guarantees when it comes to quality and availability.

Exclusive varieties from Thailand

For development and production of its Curcuma rhizomes, Kébol works closely together with Chiang Mai University (Thailand) and a number of selected local growers.   

Big-leaf and long-flowering

Kébol’s Curcuma rhizomes from Thailand grow long-blooming plants (up to 3 weeks per flower).  They are also remarkable for their bigger and distinctively shaped flowers and leaves.
Planting material is exclusively available through Kébol. It offers interesting opportunities for potted plant and cut flower production, dry sale and landscaping projects.


Chiang Mai University (CMU) and Kébol have teamed up to develop attractive Curcuma varieties. Selected local growers are supported by CMU-students to produce high-quality rhizomes. 


Based on agreements with CMU, Kébol offers you important guarantees when it comes to availability. Final quality controls are conducted on site by a Kébol representative.

Breeding program

Cooperation with CMU includes a special breeding program. Focus is on developing big-leaf and long-blooming Curcuma varieties. Kébol has exclusive worldwide selling rights. 

Why Kébol?

Take advantage of opportunities in your market. Kébol supports you with:
- expert knowledge -  breeding schemes - product images - quality control - export and phyto documents 

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In addition to our curcumas we offer some attractive bulbs and rhizomes for Home & Garden dry-sale and professional potted plant production, including Amaryllis and zantedeschia. Contact us for additional information.

Rapidly growing demand for Curcuma plants

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