Amaryllis - Hippeastrum 

Attractive seasonal product for professional growers of potted plants

Potted amaryllis (hippeastrum) is an attractive seasonal product when it comes to return and appeal to customers. Kébol has specialized in amaryllis bulbs and offers professional growers of potted plants a complete range of varieties.

Brasbonitas® amaryllis bulbs

Fore more than 10 years Kébol has been market leader for high-quality amaryllis bulbs. Our specialty is growing Brazilian amaryllis bulbs under the brand name Brasbonitas®. We have our own nurseries in the south of Brazil. Production in their natural environment guarantees amaryllis bulbs of the best available quality. Read more about our growing facilities in Brazil.

Distinctive capacity

Early harvesting is the major advantage Brazilian bulbs have to offer when compared to Dutch produce for example. It enables you to market the final product already at the beginning of autumn. In addition, our cultivars offer some other remarkable advantages. In our growing process we aim at short flower stems amd consistent growth. This is important for an attractive shop presentation and contributes to maximum enjoymeny of the final products by consumers.    

Leading the supply chain

As producer of Brasbonitas® amaryllis bulbs Kébol controls the entire supply chain. From breeding new varieties within our joint ventures Amaryllis Breeding Company BV and Amaryl BV to supporting you in your own production process. Read more about our breeding activities on our website. Being supply chain director quality control is one of our priorities. Go to our page on quality control to read more. 

Dutch amaryllis bulbs

Besides our own products from Brazil we also deliver quality products from the Netherlands. With an extensive network of suppliers we can deliver whatever variety you are looking for.

Learn more about our offer on amaryllis bulbs

Are you looking for dry-sale amaryllis bulbs? Discover our Home & Garden range in the Amaryllis Experience section of this website. In addition to amaryllis bulbs we offer a number of attractive bulbs and tubers for Home & Garden dry-sale and potted plant production including Curcuma and zantedeschia. Contact us for further information.

Market your potted Brasbonitas® amaryllis as soon as early autumn

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