Assortment Curcuma

First class rhizomes from Brazil

Stately and beautiful indoor curcuma plants are increasingly in demand by garden centers and flower shops. Kébol offers professional growers the right varieties and support to take advantage of this market opportunity.

Curcuma rhizomes are grown in our own production facilities in the north of Brazil. This region offers the right conditions for first class products. We control the entire supply chain. This enables you to buy quality products directly from the grower.

Besides our own produce from Brazil we are also importing curcuma cultivars from Thailand. This country is in the heart of the region of origin of this remarkable plant. We work closely together with a local grower to ensure the high quality you expect from us.

Assortment Curcuma

Green Chocolate
Red Chocolate
Pink Chocolate
Ban Rai Red
Great Reign
Sweet Memory
Thai Garnet
Tubtim Siam
Manee Siam
Sweet Rosy
Great King
Chian Mai Pearl
Landscape Plant No 3
Landscape Plant No 4
Landscape Plant No 8
Landscape Plant No 9
Landscape Plant No 10
Landscape Plant No 11

Rapidly growing demand for Curcuma plants.

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